Pebble Hills University offers a range of partnership models, which can be adapted to suit the needs of each institution.
Partnership to offer PHU degrees


Pebble Hills University delivers many award programs through our branch campuses and offshore partnerships.


If a student satisfactorily completes a PHU endorsed course through your institution, s/he will be eligible to apply for a certificate from the University. Students eligible for a certificate will access it in a digital format – printable, downloadable and verifiable. The procedure would be easy – Our Curriculum Review Committee will review your courses’ materials and let you have the simple application form for your students if your courses meet the prescribed requirements – this endorsement will boost your courses’ marketability and provide one more option to your students/graduates. Please find the sample certificate for your reference. You may be interested in our co-branded certification program as well. The Co-branded certificate is also printable and downloadable by the PARTNER institution instead of the students to make sure the quality would be excellent.

Sample PHU Certificate:

Sample Co-branded Certificate:


A. Reciprocal credit Recognition by both organizations: Students shall be given full credit for their prior learning in case of a student transfers from institute to another

B. Double Degree Arrangement upon payment of fees agreed by both parties.

C. Exploring prospects of launching of New Joint programs leading to Joint Certification

If you are interested in collaborate with us, please fill in the Proposed Partnership Questionnaire Online

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Ms. N. Shirley


Office of External Affairs and Communications

Pebble Hills University

Payment Options and Details

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